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Chef Veek

Devika Patridge

Chef Pat

Adisa Patridge

Director of Operations

Adisa Patridge

Admin & Catering Director

Gail George


Originally from Atlanta, Chef  Devika Patridge affectionately known as Chef Veek  has a new and eclectic take on all things food.  Chef Veek comes from a long line of culinary masters  including her father Certified Executive Chef Timothy Patridge. She has a passion for creating healthy and delicious food. Chef Veek  specializes in meal prepping, specifically vegan and raw vegan, keto, lean muscle building and blood types diets.


Chef Adisa Patridge also known as Chef Pat is a third generation chef like his sister Chef Veek. Chef Pat is the foundation of all the large productions at Eat Urban Fresh. His skill for batch cooking on large scales is unmatched. He is currently managing an operation that consist of 4000 meals a week. Chef Pat is a grill master. he can smoke  just about anything and his attention to flavor , wood choices, and timing is impeccable.


Gail (aka GiGi), Administration & Catering Director for Eat Urban Fresh, LLC., was  born in Philadelphia, PA. She attended Downingtown I & A School and then  graduated with a BA degree in Education from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta,  GA. She moved to Los Angeles, CA with her two children (Devika & Ajani). Gail  became an entrepreneur opening her own tax Company (Patridge & Associates)  for more than ten years. Gail loves to organize.

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